The International Regulatory Awards 2022

The International Regulatory Awards offer a unique opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate regulatory excellence and innovation.

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We encourage regulators and policy makers to reflect on your work over the last year and share what you’ve learnt with your international peers by nominating your best work for an award.

Gaming regulation is a complex and distinctive discipline, the awards aim to recognise teams who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in gaming regulation.

Award winners will be announced at the IAGR 2022 Melbourne conference in October.

IAGR looks forward to celebrating the great work of nominees and award winners.




Award Categories

Recognising excellence in gaming policy and regulation


  • Recognises an outstanding contribution and achievement by a regulator in advancing efficient and effective gambling policy and regulation or securing significant public policy or compliance and enforcement outcomes in their jurisdiction, nationally or internationally.
  • The submission should demonstrate the exceptional nature of the regulator’s work and achievement, including any relevant context and background, the policy or regulatory challenge and the outcome, nature and extent of the impact.
  • Weight will be placed on the difficulty and complexity of the issue/s alongside the scope of the impact and benefits for the regulator, industry and public interest.

Recognising a new or innovative policy and regulatory approaches


  • Recognises the development, introduction and implementation of novel public policy or regulatory approach that substantially advances efficient and effective gambling regulation.
  • The submission should demonstrate how the initiative is novel, how it leverages technology where relevant, the issue/problem it helps overcome and how it achieves improved efficiency and effectiveness. Where possible, submissions should include a description of any performance metrics and outcomes.
  • Weight will be placed on the degree of novelty alongside the scale of the issues it helps resolve, as well as the impact and benefits for the regulator, industry, and public interest.

Recognises the most creative, compelling, and impactful responsible gambling/safer gambling communication campaign


  • The submission should describe the brief for the campaign, the channels and target audience, how the campaign meets the brief, what distinguishes it from previous campaigns and how performance is evaluated. Where possible, submissions should include any performance metrics and outcomes.
  • Weight will be placed on the scope of impact and evidence the campaign has achieved its objective, alongside the scale of the issues it helps resolve and its impact on raising awareness and destigmatising gambling harm and help seeking.

Nominate Now

Rules and entry criteria

Who is eligible to submit nominations?

Nominations must be made by an IAGR member, i.e. Jurisdictional, Ordinary, Associate, Reciprocal and Honorary Members are eligible to submit nominations.

Who can be nominated?

An IAGR member may nominate an individual, team or organisation from their own or another jurisdiction (Nominee).

How do I submit a nomination?

  • Submitted nominations via the nominations form.
  • Nominations should respond to the specific award category and criteria and provide sufficient detail to assist judges to understand the contribution and achievement.
  • Entries should be submitted in English; however, where this may cause significant difficulty, please contact the IAGR Secretariat for assistance at

When do the nominations close?

Nominations must be received no later than 30 August 2022.

Selection process

  • Step 1: 15 March 2022 – Nomination portal opens.
  • Step 2: 30 August 2022 – Nomination portal closes.
  • Step 3: Judges review nominations made and create a shortlist for each category.
  • Step 4: IAGR contact shortlisted Nominees to inform them of their nomination and seek approval.
  • Step 5: Shortlisted Nominees are asked to produce a short video supporting their nomination.
  • Step 6: Judges review short videos alongside material provided throughout the nomination process.
  • Step 7: Judges select a winner in each category.
  • Step 8:  17 – 20 October 2022 (exact date TBC) – IAGR announce winners in each category.

Withdrawal of nomination

If at Step 4 of the ‘Selection Process’ the Nominee wishes to no longer be considered:

  • their name will be taken out of the pool of shortlisted Nominees; and
  • they will not be considered for an award.


A Nominee may be disqualified if the entrant or Nominee:

  • wilfully refuses or neglects to comply with the provisions of these Rules; or
  • is guilty of any conduct which in the opinion of the IAGR is unbecoming of a member or prejudicial to the interests of the IAGR or otherwise is considered damaging to the reputation of the IAGR or its members.

IAGR Marketing

By accepting to be a Nominee in Step 4 of the ‘Selection Process’, the Nominee accepts that IAGR may use nominations and the associated names and details as part of the awards and the conference marketing.

Power of judges

  • The Judges reserve the right to accept and deal with nominations at their absolute discretion.
  • The Judges are under no obligation to provide reasons for a nomination to be rejected.
  • The decision/s of the Judges in all matters relating to the awards shall be final and binding.

Acceptance and indemnity

  • Each entrant and nominee agree to be bound by the decision/s of the Judges and these Rules.
  • Each entrant and nominee indemnifies IAGR against all liability to any other person, firm or company and all loss arising from a breach by the entrant of any of these entry rules.