Melbourne 2022

A Kickstart for Collaboration: Sparking Innovation in Regulatory Practice

Conference Week 17 – 20 October 2022
Melbourne, Australia

Including the annual International Regulatory Awards 2022.

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Melbourne 2022

IAGR2022 A Kickstart for Collaboration: Sparking Innovation in Regulatory Practice will build on the great discussions we had in Boston on disruption and sparking global regulatory innovation.


We’re still living through the greatest disruptive event of our generation – as true for the regulated businesses in our sector as it is for the consumers we aim to protect.

IAGR2022 will look at lessons learnt through this time of disruption and the lens of innovation to see how they can help point us to a more front-foot regulatory future.

How have the last two years changed our way of thinking? Where has it strengthened our resolve on what we knew before? How has it encouraged us to throw off old thinking, processes or policies and to best reflect the cultural, technological and consumer change seen over the last 20 months?

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A few words from the event host

Annette Kimmitt, CEO of the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission, talks about the value of attending this year’s IAGR conference in Melbourne this October.



Over 40 conference speakers and panellists will challenge and inspire delegates towards bold innovation in regulatory practice. Excite conversation, a contest of ideas and influence policy makers, regulatory leaders and industry stakeholders towards more efficient and effective gambling regulation. All to underpin a secure, vibrant, sustainable, safe and responsible industry.

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