About IAGR

The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) provides a forum for gaming regulators from around the world to meet, learn best practice techniques and strategies, network, and exchange views, share information and discuss legislation, policies, and procedures.


As the leading international industry body for gaming and gambling regulators, representing jurisdictions and regulators across the globe, IAGR informs, advocates, educates, protects, and unifies members.

Established in the early 1980s as an adjunct to the International Association of Gaming Attorneys, IAGR became an incorporated non-profit association in 2011 and in doing so started to provide a voice for governments, gaming regulatory agencies and personnel, and representatives from the international gaming industry.

The voice of an industry

IAGR facilitates meaningful conversations with local and international government, media and other key stakeholders to drive innovation, thought leadership and support the gaming regulatory industry.

Industry leaders

IAGR’s Advisory Committees provide significant insights to global information and advice. Consisting of specialist representatives from our member group, and supported by IAGR’s expert team, the IAGR Advisory Committees provide timely research and thought leadership to the regulatory environment.

A team that’s empowered, diverse and inclusive

IAGR is a non-profit, so every dollar is reinvested back into initiatives that support members. We have a pro bono Board of Trustees with a leading executive team that help navigate the regulatory industry and collaborate on important opportunities and campaigns.

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Members benefit from key advocacy committees, support and exclusive access to and discounts on members only content, services, events and opportunities.

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