Dr Tony Schellinck

CEO, Focal Research Consultants | Adjunct Professor, Dalhousie University

Dr Tony Schellinck
IAGR2022 session:

Part 1: Creating Smart RG EGMs: Development of Effective Models for Identifying At-Risk Play in Real-Time

Part 2 Creating Smart RG EGMs: Linking Real Time Identification of At-Risk Players to Relevant Safer Gambling Action

About Tony:

During his full-time tenure at Dalhousie University, Tony held the FC Manning Chair in Economics and Business, publishing articles and papers in consumer psychology, research methods and gambling.

As co-chair of the Informatics Initiative at Dalhousie University, Tony was responsible for the research program in data science, measurement and construct development, working with large consumer databases for financial, retail and insurance clients.

At Focal, Tony leads a team of data analysts and engineers setting new standards in risk detection and safer gambling through research, data insights, leading-edge processes, analysis, and predictive modelling.