Trude Høgseth Felde


I am a lawyer and Senior Adviser with over 20 years’ experience from working in gambling regulation at the Norwegian Gaming Authority. I work with general legal matters in the gambling area, and my main responsibility is the writing new legislation, working to prevent illegal gambling, and the borderline between law and technology. I have been involved in the Gaming Authority’s international activities over many years, and am an active member of IAGR (International Association of Gaming Regulators). Over the years, I have served as Secretary to the Board, Vice President and President. I currently chair the sub-committee on Problem Gambling.

My motivation for engaging in IAGR is that I strongly believe that a IAGR’s success comes from focusing upon where we as gambling regulators can agree, rather than where we disagree; and IAGR’s work to provide a platform for learning, networking and dialogue. There is so much we can agree upon in as IAGR members. We face common challenges in issues like fighting illegal gambling and protecting vulnerable groups. I sincerely hope IAGR can succeed in creating the best networking platform for jurisdictions of the world, and bring IAGR out to all gambling regulators to assist jurisdictions in securing safe and legal gambling, where problem gamblers and minors are protected from the harms of gambling.