Fran Thorn

Chair, Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission

Fran Thorn
IAGR2022 session:

Why waste a good ‘crisis’? From Royal Commission to regulatory reform: Setting a higher standard for Victoria’s gambling industry

About Fran:

Fran Thorn, joined the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission in January 2022, following a career as a senior consultant and public service leader.

During her 27-years with the Victorian Government, she led three large departments: Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Human Services and Health. She was also a Deputy Secretary with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, where she was responsible for policy and governance across the public sector.

Fran is also a former Partner of Deloitte Consulting Australia and has worked extensively with governments around Australia (Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia), as well as in Hong Kong and New Zealand. Her specialties lie in central policy making, and social service delivery including education, health and human services.