Knowledge sharing groups

For exchanging ideas, policies and reference materials

We currently have five knowledge sharing groups for members to exchange ideas, policies, reference materials and other resources. Members may access all groups via the members’ portal. If you would like to sign up for a particular group, please contact the IAGR Secretariat.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the coordinators. Contact email addresses are available in the members’ portal.


Coordinator: Mark D’Andrea, Remote Gambling Advisor, Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)

The e-gambling knowledge sharing group brings together interested regulators to develop a better understanding of how to regulate remote (internet) gambling effectively and to identify good practice to mitigate the associated risks, taking account of different jurisdictions’ legal and policy constraints. It does this by:

  • offering opportunities to help you gain a greater insight and awareness into the issues related to internet and mobile gambling
  • providing a platform where you can share information, ask questions and offer advice on regulatory approaches for this relatively new and dynamic form of gambling
  • developing and providing access to technical papers, analysis and good practice from around the world.


Coordinator: Vacant

The land-based gambling knowledge sharing group directs its focus on the realm of terrestrial casino issues with a dual purpose:

  • to facilitate knowledge sharing, information exchange and encourage research collaborations across jurisdictions relating to land-based gambling
  • to identify key trends in land-based gambling, discuss issues that member jurisdictions face and how we can better manage challenges in this fast evolving industry.


Co-Coordinator:  Nick Tofiluk, Director of Regulatory Operations, Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)

Co-Coordinator:  Lorraine Pearman, Betting Integrity Programme Lead, Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)

The match-fixing knowledge sharing group is designed to help members deal with issues related to match-fixing and the manipulation of sports competitions. It does this by:

  • offering opportunities to help you gain a greater insight and awareness into the issues related to match-fixing that are having a detrimental impact across the world
  • giving members a platform where you can share information, ask questions and offer advice on how to stop, prevent and deter those seeking to corrupt sports and sports betting
  • giving you access to research, analysis and good practice from around the world.


Coordinator:  Mark Rutherford, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

The money laundering knowledge sharing group intends to compare and discuss current practices concerning the prevention of money laundering. This includes:

  • considering case studies
  • sharing details of regulatory responses
  • examining the effectiveness of internal control systems within gambling environments
  • exploring legal practices and legislative initiatives
  • providing a forum for information sharing and technical discussions.


Coordinator: Cedrick Chiloane, Departmental Manager: Communications, Mpumalanga Gambling Board (South Africa)

The responsible gambling knowledge sharing group intends to bring interested regulators together to discuss and compare research and current practices concerning responsible gambling. It does this by:

  • exploring the best legal practices/schemes to diminish the risks related to gambling
  • sharing effective initiatives to promote responsible gambling on local, national and regional levels
  • discussing technical challenges in relation to the mechanisms that prevent access to gambling for vulnerable people
  • providing a platform where regulators can share information, ask questions and offer advice on all issues relating to responsible gambling.

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