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THEME:  "Let us make great regulation - together"

Monday, 17 September


Registration – Information desk open


IAGR Board of Trustees Meeting




Opening of the IAGR 2018 Copenhagen Conference: Welcome & Introduction  

IAGR President Dale Fuga, Chief Operating Officer, Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (Canada)


Host's Welcome and Opening Remarks

Host Jurisdiction: Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)

Theme 1. "Regulation - our core business"


Keynote Session: Referees and Players: the Power of Synergy

Keynote Speaker: Professor Chris Brady, Professor of Management Studies and Director of the Centre for Sports Business, Salford University (United Kingdom)



Session: IAGR statistics - 2017 survey

Presentation of the first IAGR survey on gambling regulation in jurisdictional members of IAGR. The findings will be published in a report after the conference, but the main conclusions to be drawn from the survey will be highlighted by members of the IAGR Statistics working group. Also, a brief introduction to the 2018 survey will be given pointing out a few changes made from the first survey.


Trude Høgseth Felde, Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway)

James Green, Programme Director - Data & Risk, Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)

Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)


Networking & Refreshment Break


Session: Sanctions - exploring the wide range and effectiveness of different sanctions imposed on licensees or illegal operators

What kind of sanctions do regulators use for what kind of offence? Does the same offense trigger the same sanction response in different jurisdictions? How does the use of different sanctions shape the legal or illegal businesses of gambling operators and are sanctions an effective tool?


Andrew Gellatly, Head of Global Research, GamblingCompliance (United Kingdom)


Dr Julia Hӧrnle, Professor in Internet Law, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London (United Kingdom)

Tan Teck Wang, General Counsel, Casino Regulatory Authority (Singapore)

Christina Thakor-Rankin, Principal Consultant, 1710 Gaming Ltd (United Kingdom)

Henrietta Thomas, General Counsel, Regulatory Strategy and Financial Crime, Tabcorp (Australia)


Session: Payment Blocking - Success or Failure?

Payment blocking is a well-known tool to protect a market, where a jurisdiction may decide to stop card transactions between players and gambling operators. The operators may then choose to stop offering their online gambling to the jurisdiction or decide to go around the ban by using the service of payment providers. 

Several payment providers offer their services all over the world. Some of the payment providers provide services only to the gambling industry, while others have a wide range of industries. The freedom to provide a service must be accompanied by respect for national regulation. However, a gambling regulator cannot expect that payment providers will know every detail in national regulation. Should payment providers be given the opportunity to avoid markets where their services are illegal?

Cooperation and dialogue are important key words. Let’s make great regulation together!

Speaker: Silje Sægrov Amble, Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway)



GREF and GRAF greetings

Thulisizwe Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Gambling Authority (Botswana) and President, Gaming Regulators Africa Forum (GRAF)

Claire Pinson, European and International Affairs Officer, ARJEL (French Online Gaming Regulatory Authority) (France) and Chair Designate, Gaming Regulators European Forum (GREF)



End of Day Remarks

Trude Høgseth Felde, Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway) 

Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)


Delegates gather in the hotel lobby for departure to Opening Reception (a 15-minute walk). Departure from lobby at 17.10. Dress code: Smart casual.


Opening Reception:  Copenhagen Town Hall

The IAGR 2018 Conference Delegates will be welcomed at a reception held at the Copenhagen Town Hall. Details of the reception and all social networking activities may be found on the Social Events webpage.

Welcome Remarks by

IAGR President Dale Fuga, Chief Operating Officer, Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (Canada)

Host Jurisdiction: Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)


Tuesday, 18 September                 


Registration – Information desk open

Theme 2. "Regulatory Challenges - never a dull moment"


Opening Remarks & Announcements

Master of Ceremony: Katja Arabelle Antabi, Special adviser / Communications, Danish Gambling Authority


Session: Regulating gambling: a job for state / government or the industry? A debate illustrated by the topical example of India

No size fits all – a key note on the latest developments in India on the definition of gambling and regulatory models followed by debate addressing

  • Different definitions of gambling and different regulatory models – does it matter in a global perspective
  • State regulation or “self-regulation” – reasons behind choices in India
  • Gambling providers in India – how will the market react to different regulatory models/solutions

Moderator: Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)

Keynote Speaker: Ranjana Adhikari, Co-head Media Entertainment & Gaming Practice, Nishith Desai Associates (India)

Speaker: Dr Simon Planzer, Partner, PLANZER LAW and Lecturer in Law, University of St.Gallen (Switzerland)



Session: Regulatory Dilemmas

Regulators face difficult choices in fulfilling and balancing the roles they are expected to fill, often with limited resources. This panel will discuss what regulators should prioritise when resources are scarce. In a global market filled with ever changing and increasingly sophisticated products, how do regulators shoulder the burden placed upon them?

  • as advisers to government, how do they meet the challenge of not always telling them what they may want to hear;
  • as policing authority over licensees, how to obtain genuine feedback from operators, where the temptation for them is to tell regulators what they want to hear;
  • as prosecutor, how to achieve a balance between tackling unlawful gambling and regulating licensed operators: is there a duty to protect licensees from illegal competition?;
  • as consumer watchdog, to what extent should regulators act as a consumer pressure group?; and
  • if the regulator is also the tax collector, is this consistent with a duty to regulate?

In short, are regulators now expected to be all things to all people?


Julian Harris, Senior Partner, Harris Hagan (United Kingdom)


Gayle Cameron, Commissioner, Massachusetts Gaming Commission (USA)

Ben Haden, Programme Director - Insight, Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)

Luke Orchard, Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance & Risk Management Officer, IGT (USA)

Rolf Sims, Public Affairs Manager, Kindred Group (Norway)

Tan Teck Wang, General Counsel, Casino Regulatory Authority (Singapore)


Networking & Refreshment Break


Session: Sports Betting in Africa

In many parts of Africa, sports betting is growing at an incredible pace, thanks to a number of factors.  Global companies have penetrated the African sports betting market due in part to lax laws on betting, while the growth in popularity of mobile betting sites also plays a huge part in this growth rate.  This growth has brought in both opportunities and challenges for regulators in the Continent.

  • Managing the sports betting marketing outside regulatory boundaries.
  • How do we manage betting rules?
  • How do we manage marketing to players outside own jurisdiction?

Speaker: Edward Lalumbe, Chief Operating Officer, Gauteng Gambling Board (South Africa)



Session: Gambling Developments in Latin America

Discover the latest gambling regulatory developments in Latin America and the different white, grey and black markets in this region. How the different regulators are addressing new games modalities? Is the regulatory experience in Europe valid for Latin America? What are the key aspects in a regulation that Latin America should not ignore?

Speaker: Santiago Asensi, Managing Partner, Asensi Abogados (Spain)



Group Photo

Delegates gather in hotel lobby 11.55 for departure on foot to photo spot. A 1-minute walk.




Session: Loot boxes - are you ahead of the game?

Are loot boxes gambling? The issue will remain a controversial topic for some time to come, but some countries have made up their minds. Are you ahead of the game? Join us for an update. 


Anne Mette Hjelle, Head of Communication, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway)


Khalid Ezat Azam, Advisor, The Norwegian Media Authority (Norway)

Ben Haden, Programm Director - Insight, Gambling Commission (United Kingdom)

Joop Pot, Member of the Board of Directors, Netherlands Gambling Authority (Netherlands)


PRESENTATION (without video)


Session: Gambling-Related Harm: Merits and Challenges Around Defining and Measuring Harm

This presentation will provide a critical overview of the topic of ‘gambling-related harm’. The talk commences with a brief discussion of how harm is defined and its importance in responsible gambling research; it then discusses how harm has been measured and captured. A particular focus will be on the different methods used to capture the severity of individual harms as opposed to merely their presence or absence. It will be argued that the most effective methods are those which are able to: identify harm across the spectrum of risk; which avoid confusing harm and opportunity costs; and, which can identify useful individual thresholds of harm that indicate decreases in quality of life caused by gambling.


Professor Paul Delfabbro, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide (Australia)

David Snowden, Chief Executive Officer, ACT Gaming & Racing Commission (Australia)




Networking and Refreshment Break


Session: Crisis and emergency management - Law enforcement oversight and crisis & emergency management in casinos

A confronting introduction with reminders of attacks that have occurred in crowded places internationally both terror and criminally motivated including major violent incidents in casino precincts. In most jurisdictions, law enforcement and security agencies have the lead role in securing crowded places and major tourist attractions from the risk of attack, however, casino operators and the gambling regulator need to understand their role and responsibilities and ensure they are prepared and rehearsed should a major incident occur in their jurisdiction. The threat to casino precincts will vary and may include criminally focused acts such attempted robbery through to aggrieved gamblers attempting to harm others or themselves as well as politically or religiously motivated acts. This session will provide a police, casino operator as well as security expert perspective on how best to prevent, prepare for and respond to a potential major violent incident. What role do regulator’s play? Is your operator prepared? Is law enforcement well-rehearsed?


Paul Newson, Deputy Secretary, Liquor, Gaming and Racing, NSW (Australia)


Willy Allison, Founder & Managing Director, World Game Protection Conference (USA)

Peter Cohen, Director Regulatory Affairs, The Agenda Group (Australia)

Barry Felstead, Chief Executive Officer, Crown Resorts (Australia)

Adrian McKenna, Executive Director, NSW Office for Police (Australia)


End of Day Remarks

Trude Høgseth Felde, Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway) 

Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)


Delegates gather outside hotel main entrance, where buses will be ready to transport them to the canal cruise. The buses depart from the hotel at 16.20. Dress code: Warm clothing and comfortable shoes.


Social Networking Function:  Afternoon Canal Cruise

An afternoon networking activity has been organized for attendees to see the City of Copenhagen on a canal cruise. Details of the afternoon tour and all social networking activities may be found on the Social Events webpage.

Evening on your own

Wednesday, 19 September


Guided Run/Walk from the Conference Host around the Lake before start of conference. Details of the brief energizing morning start may be found on the Social Events webpage.


Registration – Information desk open


Opening Remarks & Announcements

Master of Ceremony: Katja Arabelle Antabi, Special adviser / Communications, Danish Gambling Authority


Theme 3. "Stakeholders"


Session: The importance of dialogue - what’s in it for regulators and the industry

Regulatory frameworks are characterised by a static structure of rules and regulations. Their application is anything but static. The constantly progressing development of technologies, regulatory requirements and market conditions make gambling supervision a dynamic process in practice. Communication between the stakeholders involved on all sides is key in this process. Licensing procedures, enforcement, development of new standards and facing new types of games and technologies are just a few examples of areas in which direct communication between the authorities and the industry is part of the daily business. How can this dialogue be best achieved – by keeping one’s distance, being reserved, having suspicions or by being direct, personal, open and trusting? This panel deals with the often very different approaches that regulators choose towards their licensees or applicants and what good and bad experiences the panellists have from the different approaches they might have experienced. And, of course, the question will come up: Is there a fine line between dialogue and keeping the necessary distance?


Dr. Joerg Hofmann, Senior Partner, MELCHERS Law Firm (Germany)


Vitus Evans, Executive Director, Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (Jamaica)

Susanne Mørch Koch, CEO, Danske Spil A/S (Denmark)

Jakob Kristensen, Global Chief Operations Officer, SportPesa

Sissel Weitzhandler, Group Compliance Manager, Play’n GO (United Kingdom)


Session: Advertising ban - does that do the trick?

Pro et Cons regarding advertising limitations. Are gambling products any different from other entertainment products making limitations on advertising acceptable and might the Italian advertising ban inspire similar limitations in other jurisdictions. How vital is free advertising to the gambling industry.


Trude Høgseth Felde, Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway) 


Valérie Peano, Attorney-at-Law, EGLA - European Gambling Lawyers & Advisors (Italy)

Piet Van Baeveghem, Secretary General, Legal & Regulatory Affairs Management, National Lottery (Belgium)


PRESENTATION (Van Baeveghem)


Networking & Refreshment Break


Session: Sustainable Gaming Environment and Effective Regulation Through Social License and Risk Communication Strategies

Public attitudes and expectations around gaming can be complex and constantly changing.  This can expose gaming regulators to sudden shifts in the expectations placed upon them by policy makers, communities and activists.  Where regulation is seen to fall short of community expectations, regulators may find themselves targeted as being part of a problem, rather than central to the solution of balancing the competing demands of the community to both enjoy and be protected from gaming. 

Futureye is a leading global specialist in identifying social, environmental, reputational and political conflicts.  Futureye works with its clients to resolve these conflicts in ways that produce collaboration and social agreement, by applying its social licence methodology to identify key audiences, their expectations, and the types of outrage that form the basis for community concerns. The presentation will demonstrate this methodology through case studies from the gaming sector.

Speaker: Steven Münchenberg, Director, Futureye (Australia)



Session: Bonuses - Debate with Industry

The commercial imperatives underpinning increasing saturation of gambling-related advertising as well as risks around gambling harm and adequacy of consumer protection arrangements are being debated in jurisdictions internationally. Recent focus has been on gambling operators’ marketing and, specifically, the use of bonuses. The panel discussion will explore the operators’ perspective on bonuses as a key marketing tool, the regulation of bonuses and the adequacy of consumer protection arrangements.


Morten Ronde, Director of Education and Association Development, International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL)


Michael Bay Jørsel, CEO, Center for Ludomani (Denmark)

Per Marxen, Kindred Group

Pieter Remmers, CEO, Assissa Consultancy Europe (Netherlands)


Session: New Sports Betting Opportunities in North America

William J. Pascrell, III, Esq. otherwise known as BP3 is the Quarterback for US Sports Betting's expansion in the US over the past nine (9) years which recently culminated with the US Supreme Court decision on May 14 striking down PASPA allowing sports betting across the US by state regulation. The market is robust and presents many opportunities for various business interests.

Speaker: William Pascrell, III, Partner, Princeton Public Affairs Group, Inc. (USA)




Theme 4. "All about us" - IAGR Members Only Sessions


Session: Open Microphone (IAGR Members Only)

Moderator: Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)


Networking & Refreshment Break


IAGR Annual Members Business Meeting (IAGR Members Only)


End of Day Remarks

Trude Høgseth Felde, Senior Advisor, The Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority (Norway) 

Birgitte Sand, Director, Danish Gambling Authority (Denmark)


Delegates gather in the hotel lobby for departure to Gala Dinner. Departure at 17.30. A 10-minute walk. Dress code: Regular business dress and/or dressier dresses or gowns (ladies).


IAGR Gala Dinner:  H.C. Andersen Castle at Tivoli Gardens

The Host Jurisdiction is creating a wonderful evening for the 2018 Copenhagen Conference Delegates at the H.C. Andersen Castle at the Tivoli Gardens. Details of the dinner and all social networking activities may be found on the Social Events webpage.


Delegates return to hotel.

Thursday, 20 September


Registration – Information desk open


Opening Remarks & Announcements

Master of Ceremony: Katja Arabelle Antabi, Special adviser / Communications, Danish Gambling Authority

GLI Regulators Seminar

Thursday morning sessions are organized by GLI. IAGR Delegates may attend this half-day of content - at no additional cost - as part of their general conference registration.


Welcome and Opening Remarks - What’s New and What’s Not

Speaker: James Maida, President and CEO, GLI

Session opening: Martin Britton, Managing Director, GLI EMEA



Information Security: Autopsy of a Cyber attack

Speaker: Marco Capozzi, Director of ISS, GLI EMEA


Networking & Refreshment Break


Ask the Experts: Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Virtual Reality, Fantasy Sports, Loot Boxes


Andrés Méndez Barco, Head of Penetration & Vulnerability Testing Services, GLI UK

Martin Britton, Managing Director, GLI EMEA

Alex Harberl, Regulatory Development Manager, GLI Europe B.V. 

Sergio Suarez, Senior Compliance Engineer, GLI Europe B.V.


Workshop 1: Bulletproof Services – Top 5 Gaming Cybersecurity Issues

Speaker: Marco Capozzi, Director of ISS, GLI EMEA

Workshop 2: GLI University® Training Program


Martin Britton, Managing Director, GLI EMEA

Sergio Suarez, Senior Compliance Engineer, GLI Europe B.V.

Workshop 3: Advance Game Concepts & Skill-Based Gaming


Alex Harberl, Regulatory Development Manager, GLI Europe B.V.

Wolfram Nix, DNA Gamedesign

Helen Walton, Gamevy UK


GLI Regulators Seminar: Final Questions 


Morning Session Closing Remarks from IAGR President Dale Fuga




IMGL MasterclassThursday afternoon sessions will consist of content as part of the IMGL Masterclass series. IAGR Delegates may attend this half-day of content - at no additional cost - as part of their general conference registration.



IMGL Masterclass: How Can the Industry be Truly Socially Responsible

The panel will be addressing the social challenges that the industry is facing today, how does it react to those and how could it do things better. We will thus discuss players behaviors today versus say 10 years ago. How do Millennials behave compared to their predecessors? How does the way games are played and hence how they are designed impact responsible gambling initiatives?  How can the use of data analytics assist in tackling problem gambling? How can the industry address the societal issue it faces (and, according to some, it causes), both operators, suppliers as well as regulators.

As such, we will also discuss the models governments have followed for gambling advertising - self regulation, regulatory intervention or harsh total advertising ban.  Where gambling is seen more as a vice than a form of entertainment, is advertising for gambling a form of enticing addiction? What are the marketing effects on wider society?  In this context, do contributions for good causes count? What is the right balance between regulating the market and let it trade freely?


Trygve Hermansen, Adviser, Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority

Gustaf Hoffsted, General Secretary, BOS

Morten Ronde, Director of Education and Association Development, IMGL and Founder & Managing Partner, Nordic Gambling

Cosmina Simion, Partner, Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (NNDKP)


Networking & Refreshment Break


IMGL Masterclass: The Gaming Industry in 2018 - Where to Now?

2018 has been a very significant year in the development of the gambling sector with the liberalization of sports betting in the United States and the expansion of casinos in Europe and Japan, as well as other markets. But is expansion what 2018 will be remembered for? There have also been considerably greater restrictions brought into place in mature markets, such as Italy, the United Kingdom and Australasia.

This panel will discuss the trends that have emerged in 2018 and what it means for the gambling sector going forward. What should the sector focus on? Existing markets? Expansion of gambling and non- gambling services?


Nina Henningsen, Partner, Horten Law Firm

Henrik Norsk Hoffmann, Nordic Gambling

Dr. Joerg Hofmann, Senior Partner, MELCHERS Law Firm

Alan Littler, Gaming Lawyer, Kalff Katz & Franssen


Closing Remarks

Dale Fuga, IAGR President, closes the 2018 conference

Conclusion of IAGR 2018 Copenhagen Conference week

Please check back often as sessions and speakers are confirmed & updated regularly.

  • All conference sessions are held at the Hotel Scandic Copenhagen.
  • Registration and refreshment breaks are located in the foyer of the conference space.
  • The Registration Desk will be staffed during all conference sessions. 
  • Dress code information for the week's activities may be found on the Registration webpage.


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