The International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR) consists of representatives from gaming regulatory organizations throughout the world. The mission of IAGR is to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of gaming regulation by providing:

  • a forum in which gaming regulators from around the world can meet, exchange views and information, and discuss policy issues among themselves and with representatives of the international gaming industry;
  • a means of fostering cooperation between gaming regulators in the performance of their official duties; and
  • a central point of contact for inquiries from governments, gaming regulatory agencies and personnel, and representatives of the international gaming industry.

IAGR began informally in the 1980’s as an adjunct to the annual meeting of the International Association of Gaming Attorneys (IAGA). For a number of years, regulators attended the IAGA annual conference and convened for luncheon discussions on topics of significance to them. Starting in 1993, IAGR became more formalized and commenced its own annual conference in conjunction with the annual conference of IAGA.

In late 2010, the IAGR membership voted to establish the organization as an independent association. Consistent with the membership’s decision, IAGR in early 2011 incorporated as a nonprofit association known as the International Association of Gaming Regulators, Inc. Under its new bylaws, IAGR’s leadership converted from a Steering Committee run by a Chairman to a Board of Trustees guided by a President and team of officers.

Since incorporating, IAGR has attracted a record number of members and is today comprised of regulators from jurisdictions that include Europe, Asia & Oceania, Africa, North America, South America and the Caribbean. The association held its inaugural independent conference in Cape Town, South Africa (2011) followed by annual conferences in Singapore (2012), Oslo (2013), Philadelphia (2014), Lima (2015) and Sydney (2016).